Serving Your Local Community


SF House Painting proudly serves the entirety of the Bay Area. Right across the bridge from us, Oakland is one of our biggest areas of service outside of SF proper. The views, vibe, and the people you meet make Oakland one of our favorite places in the Bay, working or otherwise. Call or click today and we'll be more than more than happy to book a commitment-free estimate for your Oakland home.

Image by Howie Mapson


Oakland is a fantastic place to live, with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate. This proximity to the Bay brings a price, however. Oakland weather is moist and full of salt in the air, which can wear down a house's paint job and frame. To combat this area issue, we replace all damaged wood and stucco prior to painting, and we always double-coat with high quality paint. You're going to love the look and feel of your home after working with SF House Painting.

At SF House Painting, we strive to give our clients the very best. That's why we take such great care planning and preparing every detail of your home makeover. Click the button below to find out more about our services and book a commitment-free estimate for your home.