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House Painting and the California Forest Fires

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

California Forest Fires

Hello readers,

Welcome (or welcome back) and thanks for checking in. We hope you're all doing well. Man, is this crazy or what? First we're all stuck in our homes for 6 months, and now, when things are at their wildest point, this happens. We sympathize. We empathize, in fact, seeing as we live here in the Bay just like you. We're working hard to get through these weird economic and social times just like you are. We're in this together and we'll get through it.

Everyone is doing their part to help get through this weird time, sharing information about how to stay safe and looking out for each other. We're a house painting company, so our part is to help people improve their house's condition despite all these obstacles being thrown their way.

Let's talk about houses then. It's no secret that smoke is absolutely terrible for a house. Smoke damage is a super-invasive form of disrepair. Because of its airborne nature, smoke is able to get into places and damage a home in ways that are hard to predict. At the simplest level, smoke is capable of mixing with and eroding a house's outer layer of paint. Not only does this make the house look dirty and old, that loss of the outer layer can be huge. The outer coat of paint on a house is very important, insulating the house from the elements. Once a house's outer layer of paint is overly compromised, the house becomes exposed to all other sorts of weathering problems. In this way, smoke damage compounds if it isn't dealt with quickly.

On top of weathering damage to the outside of a house, smoke damage is able to create problems in unexpected ways as well. Smoke can actually get inside the house, ruining curtains and dirtying the house's interior paint job. Smoke can even mess with the house's frame and carpentry, causing subtle warping with the potential to build up into splintering and cracking. All in all, smoke is a huge pain to deal with and the fact that we've had what feels like an apocalyptic level of smoke in the air the last few weeks is definitely not good for Bay Area homeowners

We're doing our best to help. SF House Painting always takes pride in our repair and preparation process, especially in times like this. We get how important it is to fix underlying issues before repainting, and how crucial high-quality paint jobs are to maintaining a house overall. We're also taking extra care right now to remove paint-tainted smoke using a thorough scraping process, to make sure that any smoke damage doesn't get locked into the house permanently. We promise that our repair and painting services will leave your house looking even better than it did before this whole mess started.

As we said earlier, everyone is doing their part right now. We'd like to give a discount to anyone looking to get their house repainted right now. We get the financial struggles that people are going through. If you mention the "smoke damage sale," you'll receive at 10% off of our standard rate for house repainting. Call today or click the "Book a Quote" button to get in contact with us. Let's work together to restore your house to it's most beautiful.

We here at SF House Painting hope you all stay safe and secure, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

- The SF House Painting Crew

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