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Project Blog #1: Despite the Pandemic, the Show Must Go On

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Exterior Painting

Hello! We are still alive and well here at SF House Painting! We hope you all are, too. In spite of everything going on, we've decided to stay open and work through this one step at a time. We're taking the necessary precautions and social distancing rules very seriously so that we can continue to deliver the high-quality service that we're known for.

This post is the first in a series that we'll be doing covering our house painting projects around the Bay Area. Hopefully, if you're reading this, you're a prospective customer looking to scope out our work. Great idea! It's always smart to get estimates, samples, reviews, and other information before contracting with a painter. That's why we've decided to create this series, to give an insider's look at our process.

Our projects usually last somewhere between 2 and 9 days. In most cases, we manage to keep our projects on the shorter side. We do this by sending our branch manager to you for a professional meeting prior to beginning the project. He will not only provide your free estimate, he'll also review samples, discuss your vision for the house, and make sure to note any concerns you have. By doing this, we get all the information we need to start the project before our painters even show up. This means that our team always gets right to work, without wasting any time. By doing this process with all our projects, we get into a nice rhythm that allows us to go from planning to painting to finished products quickly and effectively.

This project was a lovely 2-story home in the Inner Sunset area. Our client called looking to get their house painted a new color. We agreed this was probably a good idea, as a medium-brown hue would pair nicely with their traditionally-styled garage door. Once we had provided the client with a few samples, they made a decision and our exterior painters were on it. We were able to get the project done in just a few days, keeping the price nice and low. After all, a fast completion rate on projects isn't just useful to our clients, it's also useful to us because it lets us complete more contractions per month. Efficiency is key! Overall we were pleased that the project went very smoothly, despite the tumultuous time that we're in.

Call or click today if you're interested in working with SF House Painting.

Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

- The SF House Painting Crew

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Dec 29, 2020

Our team has been providing a variety of amazing services for all of our customers for a number of years. Each job we do is carried out by one of our professional cleaners to ensure you are getting a great result every time. Each team member is backed with years of experience and loaded with the best products and equipment for the job.

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