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Project Blog #2: Interior/ Exterior in San Francisco

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Hello and welcome back!

We hope everyone is enjoying themselves and doing well in these continually strange times. For those of you who've started a new semester of college, welcome back. We wish good luck to everyone, students and others alike, as they acclimate to the new digital environment we're working in.

One thing that will never be digital, however, is painting houses. We're still plugging away, fixing, painting, and restoring beautiful houses in the Bay Area. The recent fires in California have added an extra element to our work recently. Homeowners are realizing that the smoke in the air has worsened the quality of their exterior paint jobs. High smoke levels can cause all sorts of problems from superficial dirtiness to real damage. On top of that, the strange weather patterns that seem to be related to these fires aren't helping either.

Our crew helped out one such San Francisco homeowner this weekend. Our client was looking for some interior/ exterior work, a "touch up" on the house, if you will. Over the course of the weekend, our crew was able to power wash the outside of the home, and apply and new layer of paint to the interior. Along with a little light carpentry work, we were able to get the house looking the best it had in years. Give us a call or click the "Get a Free Quote" button above to find out what we can do for your Bay Area home!

Exterior Work

Interior Painting

- The SF House Painting Crew

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